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What is Hyperlink? – Definition, Examples, And More

What is Hyperlink? - Definition, Examples, And More

Definition Hyperlink

 A hyperlink is an indication of data that the user can follow by clicking or tapping.

A hyperlink points to a whole document or a specific element within a document.

Hypertext is text with hyperlinks.

The linked text is called anchor text.

Hyperlinks are better known as links. As their name indicates, they allow you to link different content on the same page or between different web pages on the Internet, generally related to each other by content or authorship. The user of a network can navigate between web pages to find the information he wants or anything of interest, without having to carry out massive searches or have the addresses of pages that sometimes do not You don’t even know they exist. Without the links, the navigation would be much more cumbersome and more difficult.

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Hyperlinks can connect both websites and places

Hyperlinks can connect websites, places within the same page, or various sections of a document, images. That is why today we have hyperlinks on 99% of the web pages we visit. Most of them are internal (that is, they communicate with sections of the same page), but as we have seen, they can be external. The importance of these external links is enormous since they allow you to connect not only people with the same hobbies, related personal blogs, but also related professionals.


A furniture sales company might consider it a good idea to have links to assemblers or transport companies. That would make it easier for your customers to find who can put them on. In return, these professionals could post the links of the furniture sales company on their website. So that they could both attract new customers, in addition to providing useful information to those they already have. Internet business works on having vast networks of contacts to attract the maximum possible clientele and users.

Many companies base their success on providing useful information and links to their users. The search engines, such as Google, Yahoo collect information from the entire network to offer the best results to those who use them in the form of links to those pages. Similarly, thousands of specialized pages do not have their content but works on searching for and offering links to their users, be they video links, information, or just curious things.

In general, the functioning of the hyperlink is always the same. Inserted into an address, a word, phrase, image, or another object on the page, clicking on it will redirect you to the address indicated in the hyperlink. Following these links is what we commonly call surfing the net.

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