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What is Geometry? – Definition, Origin, Terms, and More

What is Geometry? – Definition, Origin, Terms, and More

Definition Geometry

It is one of the branches of mathematics where we study the size, shape, the properties of space, and the relative position of objects. A mathematician who works in this field is called a geometer.

Geometric refers to a branch of mathematics that deals with the characteristics of figures in their plane, space, and also classes such as polygons and curves, as part of the drawing descriptive.


The word geometry originates from the Greek, and it means “land fairs” or “field measurement art.” Geometry is an ancient branch of mathematics that originated with the Babylonians and Egyptians and got developed in ancient Greece.

Even today, geometry is about space and the nature of bodies. Specifically, geometry deals with figures in the plane (e.g., triangle, square) and objects in space (e.g., spheres, cuboids) and also the measurement or calculation of lengths, distances, and angles.

Table of contents geometry

  • General information about the triangle
  • The coordinate system
  • Levels in space
  • geometry
  • Straight lines
  • congruence
  • Peripherals bracket set
  • Pythagorean sentence group
  • Sine, cosine, and tangent

Important terms and their meaning in geometry

Look at some concepts of geometry and their purposes. What geometric shapes are (triangle, circle, square, rectangle) and geometrical bodies are.

What is a Route?

A route is the shortest connection between two points.

The two points are known as the start point and the endpoint.

The connection ends in the respective points and does not go beyond them.

The dots are through a line.

What is a straight line?

A straight line is a line drawn between two points; it can get extended in both the direction.

Properties of Straight Lines

  • It is one-dimensional
  • Can be vertical horizontal, or diagonal
  • Both the ends can extend in two directions
  • When we draw an arc from point to another, it makes a 180-degree angle.

What is a Point?

A point is a simple figure in geometry located in space, with no dimension. It has no thickness, length, volume, depth, or width. When you connect every point between two points, you get a straight line.

What is Ray?

  • A ray is a line that has a starting point but no endpoint.
  • It starts at one point and runs through another point.
  • A half line is called a ray.
  • Examples parallel, orthogonal, etc.

What are the parallel lines?

Two lines are drawn side by side with equal distance. They do not cross each other at any point.

What is an intersection?

Two straight lines crossing each other are called intersecting lines. They meet at one point, that point is called the point of intersection.

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