How to Choose Best Magnetic Phone Holder?

Best Magnetic Phone Holder

Have you ever been used a magnetic phone holder? It’s considerably illegal course of action to grasp a mobile phone in your hand while driving a vehicle.

Normally, magnetic phone car mounts are tremendously appropriate and easiest choice to secure your smartphone from harm’s way. Instead of holding a phone on your hands during driving, it’s more likely to exert magnetic phone car holder to assemble your hands-free for safe driving.

Lustrous surface embrace two magnets and four metal discs, which is beneficial for your smartphone and assemble your phone immovable on the dashboard or windshield. Your smartphone will save on bumpy and uneven roads.

Phone restrains Lithium-ion batteries made up of non-magnetic materials. That’s why magnetic phone mount can’t tug phone’s battery because charging to phone is a consequence of the chemical reaction. The ones, GPS won’t be affected from magnetic phone mount, because satellites help GPS to find location and coordinates. It’s literally impenetrable. entirety critique of the best magnetic phone holder and convince you for exclusive variants of magnetic phone mounts.

VavaMagnetic Phone Holder

The Vavamagnetic phone holder incorporates 3M adhesives, and can easily hold up your smartphone with vertical and horizontal orientation. Hot or cold region may pretentious on phone holder. You can easily proceed driving on a potholed and a lumpy roads without any terror of downfall of your smartphone. Before affixing the mount on the dashboard or any other surface, clean the elected place with alcohol stripe or an alternative cleaning by-product which erase smut and grime to keep stronger bond. 360 degrees rotation of mount on to the magnetic ball. You can drive effortlessly keep your both hands on steering wheel. First glance of this mount is small sturdy admittedly.


Protect from scratching
Both (vehicle and phone) remain safe on an uneven and rough roads
Compatible to your device.

Maxboast Magnetic Phone Holder

Maxboast  is universal air vents magnetic phone holder that has athletic rubber pedestal to keeps fix in the vehicle’s air vents.

You can easily eject and inject your device while driving. Swivel holder attaches to the vents and device may tilt or move. The magnetic phone mount is compatible for iPhone, mini tablet and other devices. Multipurpose magnetic mount has four well-built magnets which stable your device and the mounting surface. Quick effortless installation with versatile sleek viewing design. This mount can’t carry heavier devices. 


Easy installation
Glossy design
Well-build magnet
Universal multipurpose mount
Swiveling capability

KoomusPro CD Slot Magnetic Smartphone car mount

KoomusPro CD slot magnetic phone mount is vastly appropriate and steadfastly to exert. It’s a purpose for all iPhone and android phones. Aesthetic sophistication and futuristic look, just slide it into a CD slot, metal plate attaches to the back of the smartphone to rotate 360 degrees mount. This magnetic holder enfolds silicon layer which doesn’t scratch your phone. Overwhelming with its quality and demonstration. Staggering structure of magnetic mount protects your device rigid and rocky highway. Magnetic disc may block your device for wireless charge. Don’t emit the CD into the CD slot, when phone mount is on the place, it may distort your CD slot and phone mount. It provides extra expedient phone mount capability.


Ogling worth
Silicon covered
Easy to install
Carry heavier phones.

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