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Best Crypto Slots to play weekly [2024]

Best Crypto Slots to play weekly [2024]

Finding some of the best crypto slots in 2024 can be hard with most providers coming out with new slot games every week now. Finding the best crypto slot for you, and knowing which slot game is best both for your money and enjoyment can be tricky, but today, we’re going to take a look at 7 of the best crypto slots in 2024, and where you can play these games quickly!

What are Crypto Slots?

Crypto slots are just like the normal slot games that you see on mainstream casinos such as Bet365, however with them being crypto, means that they don’t accept normal FIAT currency such as euros, dollars, or pounds – but rather a cryptocurrency like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium), or LTC (Litecoin). These currencies have their ups and downs, however, in most situations, you can find both normal currencies and cryptocurrencies being able to be used.

There are, however, a few variations to this rule with some crypto casinos offering crypto-exclusive games, such as Stake that they’ve helped to develop to make it even more enjoyable for players like yourself.

What are the 7 Best Crypto Slots?

Wanted Dead or a Wild (Hacksaw Gaming)

Wanted Dead or a Wild is a game that almost every slot player has heard of because of its elusive bonuses and massive payouts that can be hit. With some players winning $17.5 million from a max bet “Versus” symbol there is no doubt that new players love to play this incredibly volatile, yes exciting game.

Although volatile, we’re sure that you’ll just love to play this game so why not give it a go on one of the demo slots we can show you, which will enhance your overall experience and know what to expect when playing this amazing game!

Stack’EM (Hacksaw Gaming)

Stack’em is another Hacksaw game that can be extremely fun and exciting to play with its quirky block-stacking method and paylines, this game can be slightly hard to understand at first glance, but this slot game is another slot which you should definitely try out! The free spins feature on this game is also really fun, and can bring you massive potential.

Buffalo Stack’n’Sync (Hacksaw Gaming)

Buffalo Stack’n’Sync is a fairly new game from Hacksaw gaming that features exactly like other Buffalo games developed by hacksaw. The only difference is that random spins are generated that are free but have a chance to re-trigger every spin, and when the “SNR” symbol hits, a free spin is generated but whatever symbol triggers can expand (per spin) to give you quite frequent full-screen bonuses! Be sure to check our Buffalo Stack-n-sync to get the most out of your crypto slot experience!

Book of Shadows (Nolimit City)

A slot from Nolimit city is Book of Shadows. This slot is quite well known for its crazy paylines and expanding symbol feature that really makes this game enjoyable to play and watch! This game can be found on most crypto casinos as it doesn’t have any country limits meaning that we’re sure you’ll be able to try it out! We really recommend you try 5 lines instead of the 3 by default, which will double the value of the bet but will be so much more likely to get the bonuses!

Money Train 2 (Relax Gaming)

Now replaced with Money Train 3, Money Train 2 is an amazingly fun and addictive game, especially when you hit your free spins bonus. We recommend you play Money Train 2 until you get a free bonus, because not only will it make you feel amazing but will also likely come with some massive payouts too! Money Train 2 is a great game for beginners too!

Moon Princess (Play’n’Go)

Moon Princess is lesser know, but equally, as a good crypto slot game that will pay out and make you feel amazing whilst playing it. Saving the princess, Moon princess will let you place small stakes per spin but win a massive bonus if you were to his the bonus feature of this game. Again, we’re sure that if you gave it a try that you’ll be stuck to it!

Chaos Crew (Hacksaw Gaming)

Chaos Crew is the last amazing crypto slot on this list, that gives you a chance to control some crazy cats that can reward you with some amazing bonuses. We’re sure that if you try Chaos Crew that you’ll love it. If you love some amazing but rustic feeling slot that pays out amazingly (and has cats!) then we’re sure you’ll love Chaos Crew. Most crypto casinos will have this fun and addictive slot too!

Want to try some of these slots before you deposit crypto and try them for yourself? No worries, take a look at this site, and play free demo slots here.

Where can you play Crypto Slots?

Playing crypto slots or slots that you pay for in cryptocurrency is not that hard to find anymore. With more and more countries opening their options to online gambling and specifically crypto casinos that allow for slot games to be paid for in cryptocurrency, you shouldn’t find it too hard to find some of the best casinos.

We have a list of the casinos that you can check out, however here is a quick shortlist of what you can expect to find that may allow you to play slots on a crypto casino.

One of the biggest and most well-known crypto casinos is Stake is an all-in-one platform that allows you to play table games, slots, and sports betting all on one platform. The catch? There isn’t one! Stake accept only cryptocurrency as their wallet balance, however, if you need to deposit via card you can do – but it will be converted into cryptocurrency!

Where can you play Crypto Slots?

What should you look for in a Crypto Slot game?

When looking for a crypto slot game, you need to find something that works best for you. If you like fancy graphics, realistic games, or cartoon/anime style – we’re sure that there is a slot game for you. Finding the best slot game for you is important to maintaining your enjoyment as well as being able to play and win some money back.

If you know that you like your design style, you should look for games that have a really high RTP. RTP, a.k.a return to player is a metric that is given to a slot game (or site overall) that shows you how much the slot or game gives back to players. Although this player might not be you, on average (usually over millions of spins) will be a %. This means that over a large number of spins, with an RTP of 98% would suggest that the slot game provides 98% of the value of the spin back to the players of the game.


Overall, crypto slot games are fun and exciting to play, and many cryptocurrency casinos will host these kinds of games are they’re both enjoyable and profitable for both you and them! Be sure to check out some of the best casinos around, and let us know your thoughts on these slot games!

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