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A Study Method for Statistics

A Study Method for Statistics

Studying for statistics is an extremely overwhelming task for many students. In addition to being a complex course that is primarily concerned with solving mathematical problems, statistics requires a substantial amount of time to study, besides the assigned class time. This can be particularly challenging for students who need to balance their time between family and social lives. Different students use varying studying methods to achieve their academic goals in academics. Similarly, various study methods and approaches work differently for different students. It is therefore important that as a student, you find the study method that works perfectly for you.

How do I know that my Statistics Study Method is working for me?

Looking for the right studying method can be a daunting task for any student in the beginning, as he/she is not sure whether it will be the best method to study. However, you can get statistics assignment help online, which will pretty much point you in the right direction in identifying the optimum study method for your statistics course. One of the ways that you can use to check whether your study method is achieving the intended objectives is by assessing your performance frequently.

In addition to the assessment tasks assigned by your instructor, you can also assign yourself tasks from the topics you have learned in class, with the aim of assessing whether your skills and knowledge in statistics have improved. Self-assigned assessment tasks are available at the end of each chapter/lesson on textbooks that you use in class. In addition, learning resources such as MyStatLab and MyMathLab provide students with the opportunity to constantly practice through their assessment tasks. If you post improvement in these assessment tasks, it is an indication that your study method is effective.

Now that you have learned how to evaluate the effectiveness of your study approach in statistics, it is important that you also learn about the available study methods for statistics, and how you can achieve maximum benefits in terms of academic progress from each method:

Distributive over Massed Approach

A distributive approach involves setting a certain amount of time every day to perform a certain task. In this case, you could set aside a certain amount of time that you consider enough, to study statistics. This is a contrast to the mass approach, which involves cramming a number of academic materials for 1 or two days, many hours each day. A distributive approach gives you sufficient time to internalize the small amount of material that you have read, hence giving you room to accommodate more knowledge the next day.


Working in a team when you are studying for statistics can prove valuable for a number of reasons. First, the verbal interchange between the team members will demonstrate the different ways in which reading materials can be interpreted. Unlike when you study alone, working with a team shows you the perspectives of the other students, whereby you can borrow an insight or two to improve your understanding of concepts.

Avoid memorizing Formulas

One sure way of failing your statistics course is to try and memorize the formulas. There is just too many of those to fit into your memory! The best approach is to make sure that you understand the underlying principles and concepts. Employ the above techniques, whether individually or as a combination, and watch your performance in statistics improve drastically!

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