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What are the Skills Required for a Business Analyst?

What are the Skills Required for a Business Analyst?

What are the Skills Required for a Business Analyst

A Business Analyst mainly requires 2 skills to perform business analysis. They are Hard Skills and Soft Skills. If you think about a coin that has two sides, in the same way, a complete Business Analyst is one who should have a great hold on both sides of business analysis and they are Hard Skills and Soft Skills. In this article, we will understand the details about these skills.

Let’s understand about  the Business Analysis Profession

Business Analysis is a vast profession in which a Business Analyst is required to perform the business analysis work over various initiatives across the organization. Those who exercise business analysis are required to utilize various skills to accomplish various business analysis tasks and techniques. They are required to demonstrate great analysis skills and do the definition at a deeper level of detail in the form of identifying and defining the interfaces between various systems, and to enable the change in an organization by defining the requirements and recommending the solutions that are valuable to the consumers of the solution.

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Hard Skills (Technical Skills)

Hard skills that are required for a Business Analyst are:

Soft Skills (Underlying Competencies)

Soft Skills that are required by business analysts are:

Key Take-Aways

Business analysts should possess both the hard skill and soft skills to perform the business analysis activities which helps them to eliminate unambiguity and help enterprises to achieve the outcomes based on the recommendations made by them.

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