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5 Revolutionary Advancements in Vaping Technology
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5 Revolutionary Advancements in Vaping Technology

Vaping Technology

Like every other persistently evolving technology, the ever-growing vaping industry has also come a long way from the time when it was nameless to the crowd. Now, due to the revolutionary technological advancement in the industry, it has known widespread popularity.

Today, we can witness some amazing pieces of vaporizers that are undoubtedly built to enhance the vaping experience of the user. Among a large number of advanced vaping instruments with a wide range of innovative technology to meet the need of every consumer.

Let’s have a look at how far the vaping technology has come from dark times. Vaping technology now has:

#1) Embedded clearomizer and cartomizer

Among all the notable advancements, this particular one influenced the industry most. Before the invention of the cartomizer and clearomizer, the e-cigarettes had a separate cartridge for liquid and a separate atomizer.

But what is a cartomizer? Well, it is a combination of an atomizer and the liquid cartridge. It is a tiny container or a cylinder that keeps the poly-fil (a substance that keeps the e-juice near the heating area).

When the cartomizer hit the vaping world, it completely revolutionized the design of the product. The market has both refillable long-lasting and short-term disposable cartomizers. You can choose it as per your preference.

On the other hand, clearomizers are a step ahead of technology than cartomizers. They have a transparent tube that prevents you to end up vaping on an empty tank.

#2) More temperature flexibility

When they say that heating up your herbs have an “optimum” temperature, they are talking about a specific range of temperature that is universally accepted. But the interesting thing about vaping is that it can be done on any temperature regardless of what other people say.

The flavor, whether it has a sharp or smooth hit, depends entirely upon the time and intensity of heat exposure.

Now, the vaping devices have flexibility in temperature settings. We see this flexibility in new Puffco vaporizers with low, medium and high heat settings with varying heat-up times. Puffco offers a unique kind of e-rigs that not only has an elegant appearance but they also have proven their impressive performance.

#3) Extended battery life

The next parameter that is considered a notable advancement is the increased battery life. You wouldn’t need to charge your e-cig for long due to high-quality and powerful batteries. The most popular ones are hybrid, IMR, and ICR batteries.

Each battery has its own pros and cons. For instance, the ICR battery has relatively more storage than other batteries but it is not the safest option. Hybrid and IMR batteries are comparatively safe than the ICR.

#4) Customized and well-designed Mouthpieces

Vaporizers come with their boring mouthpieces but for many products, you can choose a more stylish option. Moreover, the detachable mouthpiece feature allows you to choose the best possible end for your device. It will not only enhance the appearance but the vaping experience as well.

Today, well-designed magnetic mouthpieces are also present in the market. You wouldn’t need to wrestle with the device to remove the cap. On the other hand, some vaporizers such as Yocan Hit comes with a built-in stirrer. Moreover, there are other creative and top voted tobacco ejuice flavoring in the market.

#5) Vaping modes

The manufacturers now understand your needs more than ever. They provide vaporizers with a vaping mode option which means you can charge your pen from another source. This works great for products that do not have removable batteries.

The vaping mods are known to increase the life of your batteries but only if you are using a high-quality mod. Moreover, you can also increase vapor production by using different vaping modes.

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