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Triode Write for UsTriode, a new (and swift) App for radios from around the world

The Twitterific programmers, Iconfactory, have published a new App that allows you to listen to radios from all over the world and that you can download for free from the App Store. It’s called a Triode.

We liked Triode for its speed when looking for radio stations and because it has found many stations from many countries around the world. All play without any problem as soon as we click on its name. The app also allows us to listen to the radio in the background, so if we tune in to a station, we can exit the app and use another while we were hearing.

For example, we can find stations in Japan with excellent audio quality.

If there is a station that you cannot find, you can use Google to find its URL and add it to the app as one more, choose the name, image to show, etc. The app itself is free, and radios can be listened to without limitations. Still, extra features require a subscription payment, ranging from one Eurodollar per month to € 22 for unlocking advanced features for life. It is the way that these developers have to maintain their business. The free version has its restrictions, for example, marking a station that you liked as a favorite to find it later more quickly. You can sync these favorites between different iOS devices via iCloud.

All stations are heard by streaming audio. If you use a cellular data connection instead of Wi-Fi, you could consume a lot of data. Still, the audios weigh relatively little in general, so unless you are listening to radio via 3G or 4G all day, you will not have data problems.

If you like to work with a radio station’s sound in the background, especially if you are looking for other countries, we recommend downloading it and trying it on your iPhone. You will most likely not regret it.

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