Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Only Under 1500


Do you have to skip the phone calls because of excessive crowds? Do you prefer to take calls safely while you’re driving on road? And that’s why there is a wonderful gadget called a blue tooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers help you to take your calls anywhere without holding your cellphone in hand. Numerous brands have already launched a variety of Bluetooth speakers under 1500. These speakers are easily bought by each person on every level. Let’s share the top 5 Bluetooth speakers in this article.

A Short List Of Top 5 Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:  This is a device one can easily carry in his pocket.  One can take it wherever he goes. It is a speaker without wires. It comes with a large 2000 mAh high capacity battery and it gives service for about 20 hours of uninterrupted music.  It has a water-resistant design. So don’t worry about splashes on an occasion near the pool.  It also gives access to calls or voice assistants. It costs about Rs. 1399. It is a pocket-friendly device. This we can call one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500. The charging time of this device is not more than 120 minutes.
  2. Boat Stone 200:  It is a small, lightweight, handy device without any wires. One can take it in his pocket. It can be handled after connecting to the mobiles, laptops, tablets, and computers to play tunes. It gives 8 to 10 hours of service after taking 3.5 hours of full-time charge.  It is introduced in three colors: orange, blue, and black. The price of the device is Rs 999 and is considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500. There is a long-lasting matte finish construction in its body which gives protection from shocks. This speaker is a waterproof tool too. This speaker is inbuilt with a 1500 mAh battery that is powerful enough.
  3. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100: This is the best Bluetooth Speakers under 1500 available on the market in India. It is produced in red, black and blue colors. There is a 750 mAh polymer battery that enables the speaker to give about 9 hours of uninterrupted service. There is a tiny loop to handle the speaker. The speaker looks like a cylinder.  This electronic tool is water-resistant. A USB cable is given in the box of Bluetooth for charging. It is a compact portable device without wires and gives uninterrupted streaming. It is made with a tough and long-lasting surface material which makes it unique looking and attracts the customers.  The Bluetooth takes about 2 hours to get fully charged.
  4. Portronics POR – 280:  It is an extremely sold and high-rated Bluetooth introduced with outstanding characteristics. The stylish as well as a smooth sketch of the speaker makes it accurate and worthy for our homes or offices. One can connect it with mobiles, laptops, tablets, and computers. The shape of this tool is cylindrical with a 360-degree surrounding sound which allows us to feel the proper sound from every corner of the house. The speaker takes 2 hours to be charged. So it can be considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500.
  5. Zebronics Portable: It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 made in China.  It provides 3 hours of service and takes 3 hours to get fully charged. An FM radio is inbuilt into this device. There a multi-connectivity options like USB, SD cards, etc. It is a handy device with a nice fabric finish. Aux cable is delivered with the speaker. It gives access to hands-free calling. It comes up with a nice audio output which makes the speaker a unique one.


You don’t need to think twice about about which bluetooth is perfect for you under the low budget. From these above spoke off speakers, you can pick out one from them. As per your demand, just check out their features and attend your all phone calls at anytime and any place. Like the reasonable speakers, you can also check out laptops for church services. Use the budget friendly bluetooth speakers and laptops without any worry now.

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