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Today we live in a world that is driven by technology in one way or another. Everywhere we look we see technology in wellness programs, travel, entertainment and others. In the end, the market technology surrounds many smaller markets, which includes smartphones and other smart devices, to the internet, to virtual reality and so on.

Moore’s Law

Besides, will technology continue to grow in the coming years? For example, based on Moore’s Law, we are told that technology will double in power each year. However, Moore was actually talking about the number of transistors that could fit onto a chip. And the role of a transistor is to provide the brains of any processor.

Not only that, but Moore was actually stating that this was just a rough estimate at that time because later he revised the law and it applied to it every two years. The Dennard scaling is telling us that the energy efficiency of these chips will remain constant, either way, we expect that this can also mean that the technology continues to get better, but somewhere we notice something.

Let’s take a look at the smartphones, it doesn’t seem that this evolution is happening. Actually, it seems that the technology we see seems to be the same as two years ago. The power is way too much for socializing, playing some games and taking some photos. This may also mean that the interest in hardware is going down. We are wondering where the promised improvement is, and the technology we see on display today is somewhat uninspired in terms of design. But of course, there are a lot more happening under the hood, like graphics are more detailed, they are displayed on screens with double pixel count and much more.

The Gaming Industry

There are many companies that work and improve their actual products or come each year with something new. Some companies, especially the ones from the gaming part, have great established projects and great markets as well. Each year the gaming industry comes with an actual improvement on the games section. However, the gaming industry isn’t just about gaming on consoles and desktops. The gaming industry is actually split in two, the video game industry we all know and heard about and iGaming, or in easier terms, casino gaming. In addition, the industry seems to have much more media attention to the idea of technology improvement.

For example, a game development company called Design Works Gaming has started as a land-based slot developer. The company was founded by Troy Zurawski back in 2005 and it started to produce graphics for casino games. The main graphics project was based on slots. In the end, DWG has evolved to be a business that creates content for leading suppliers such as Novomatic and Scientific Games. However, most of their titles were released under the client’s brand. DWG considered that is a clear demand for its content, so it decided to go alone.

Chief executive Andy Harris said that the company had the desire to be able to take a little bit of more control over their own destiny. Harris is a Ladbrokes and Realistic Games veteran and he joined DWG as a consultant. He was then appointed to lead the company’s online expansion. Before going alone and choosing the online-based trajectory, the company seemed to be similar to High 5 Games, which began producing content for IGT.  In addition, Harris is sure that even the industry’s most enduring hits, NetEnt’s Starburst and Scientific Games’ Rainbow Riches, 88 Fortunes Megaways! and others could have had some hard times if they were new.

Besides, Harris also adds that DWG is building engagement features that are agnostic to games and gaming. These features can recognise the pinch points for operators and provide a solution. The solutions and games provided by DWG are good for the social casino because there aren’t regulatory borders and the company already has an international player base.

Andy believes that DWG has a rarefied position in understanding of what works across the land-based and social channels. It is how they get to a point where they are not clambering on top of each other doing the same thing. Because this has happened before with everyone producing Megaways games. However, operators have to give a chance to innovate. And some of them are quite good at saying they want something different. Developers then are able to produce interesting, different concepts, but operators are not always prepared to actually back up innovation. This is happening because innovation is considered an experiment for most of them.

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