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What is Spyfone? – Definition, Reviews, and More

What is Spyfone? - Definition, Reviews, and More

Spyfone Reviews 2020

In the past, parents had zero control over what their kids were doing on their smartphones.

Until they saw the monthly phone bill and the list of numbers they called. Those days are long gone.

Not only can parents monitor who their children are calling, but they can also see what apps are getting the most use.

With a little monitoring, parents can save their children from potentially tragic situations.

Similarly, if a person has a suspicion that his or her partner is cheating, it no longer has to be left to chance.

So, how is everyone doing this?

They’re using an app like SpyFone! If you don’t know how it works and why it is an excellent app for you to download, you will by the time you’re done reading this article.

What is SpyFone?

SpyFone is the number one parental monitoring software out on the market.

How Does it Work?

First, you have to purchase the Spyfone app. You can either pay for the Spyfone app monthly or purchase an entire year’s worth of use. With Spyfone, there are three different levels of monitoring:


It costs $99.95/year and allows you to monitor all the essential functions of a phone, like calls, messaging, locations, and more, but it also allows you to block numbers and spoof text messages.


It costs $199.95/year, and you can do all of the functions in the basic plan and also monitor social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.


Extreme is the most popular option. It costs $299.95 a year, but users say it is worth every penny.



If you want to find out what your spouse, or kids, are up to, then the Xtreme version is the best option for peace of mind.

Is Spyfone Legit?

  1. SpyFone indicates on their website that they do not condone the use of this app for spying or prying into another person’s life.
  2. They say that the program was created for parents to monitor what their children are doing online.
  3. And also, if they find out that someone is using it beyond these purposes, they might cancel that user’s service immediately.

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