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What is a Infrastructure Engineer?

what is a Infrastructure Engineer?

Infrastructure Engineer

The dependency of businesses for the smooth functioning of an organization has invented several IT jobs related to digital networking. While some roles are incredibly specialized, others cover a much broader scope. One of the hottest parts of the IT job market is the infrastructure engineer.

Earlier, IT teams have separate departments like a networking expert, a database specialist, a hardware expert. Now, they depend on each other, for example, cloud migration involves networking, storage, and security issues, and DevOps involves development, operations, and testing teams.

IT department needs individuals who can coordinate all of these different roles, someone who has good IT knowledge to interpret the big picture. That person is an infrastructure engineer.

Responsibilities of infrastructure engineer

Infrastructure engineers are the center of an information technology team. In that sense, they have a good understanding of every nook and corner of the IT department. They work with the experts in each specialized function, helping to organize projects and avoid territorial clashes.

Job description


Degree in computer science, information technology, electrical engineering, or related discipline. Employers are typically more interested in your job history and practical experience than your academic credentials. Candidate must have good soft skills and three to five years of experience.


According to indeed, the job portal, the average salary for an infrastructure engineer is $116,509 per year.

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