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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features for Lead Generation

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud


A Lead in simple words is a potential customer or an opportunity for your Business. And every business’s growth depends on the number of their customers. Hence it is obvious that the growth of your company is directly proportional to the increase of your customer base.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s highly customizable Lead capturing features and backed up by No. 1 CRM in the world, one can choose to adopt the best in class Lead capturing mechanism which matches their current business requirement. Let’s explore their implementation with salesforce integration.

Lead Capturing features in SFMC

Example: A Web collect as below can be configured and embedded to your website, though which you would NOT ONLY collect their basic details, but also add them to one or more subscription lists based on your marketing requirements.


And create a Cloud Page under Web Studio and add the Smart capture block. And just by selecting the fields from the above Data Extension; the SFMC automatically creates a Lead generation form for you!  

But the difference of the Smart Capture from above two methods is that you cannot host it on your website; instead they are hosted from Cloud Pages within SFMC platform.

Example: Demonstrating the Lead Capture via Smart Capture.




Author Information

Raj Damera is the co-founder and a Salesforce Architect at AppShark. He is a well-rounded IT professional that can engineer and deliver complex technology solutions centered around the Salesforce platform. Raj often helps customers that have multi-cloud and multi-platform solution needs. Raj loves to travel; He is Based in Toronto, but can be often seen in different parts of the world meeting clients and attending events.

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