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How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist in Queens?
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How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist in Queens?

First of all, let’s get to know who the physical therapist is? Physical therapist is a specialist in the treatment of various diseases using the so-called physical factors: ultrasound, magnetic fields, heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, etc. Physical therapists in Queens NY can specialize in terms of age – in the field of child, occupational or age-related physiotherapy. Clinical specialization is also possible:

  • Neurological physiotherapy;
  • Geriatric (age-related) physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Physiotherapy of internal diseases;
  • Surgical physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy in traumatology.

In addition, there is also sports physiotherapy, occupational physiotherapy, orthopedic manual physiotherapy and animal physiotherapy as a separate area.

Physical therapy in Queens is widely used. It does not replace, but complements medical or surgical treatment, enhancing their results. Therefore, it is used not separately, but in combination with other methods.The strength of physiotherapy is that it allows you to reduce the drug load on the body. The most radical method of treatment is surgical. But even after a brilliantly performed operation, the body needs time and energy to recover.

Doctors use the physiotherapy to speed up the process. Some methods combine the effects of several types at once. For example, electrophoresis is a method of medication into a diseased organ through the skin or mucous membrane using an electric current. As it is based on pharmacology and physics so this method is also considered physiotherapy, although, in fact, it is intermediate. When and what methods to use, the doctor decides. That is why the question about how to choose the best physical therapist in Queens is so common.

Which physiotherapist should perform physical therapy in Queens?

Usually the appointment is made by the attending physician. For example, a rheumatologist treats a sore joint with injections and may prescribe ultrasound sessions to enhance the effect. But before starting treatment, the patient is consulted about a physiotherapist. He gets acquainted with the diagnosis using ultrasound machines and determines how many sessions the patient needs.

To choose the best physical therapist in Queens, you should get to know about his education, experience and to read people’s reviews. The profession of a physiotherapist implies an interest not only in medicine, but also in technology, a desire to help people, responsibility, good intellect, a desire to develop in one’s profession, the ability to master new knowledge and technologies.

Going to the Advanced Medical Care Clinic ones you will never think about how to find the best physical therapist in Queens. Physiotherapists here are who know the main clinical symptoms and syndromes of diseases, in which they use physiotherapy methods, the principles of compatibility and the sequence of prescribing procedures, indications and contraindications to the use of physiotherapy, the technique of procedures, as well as safety precautions for work with equipment. For the competent use of physiotherapy, the doctor must understand the nature of physical and chemical effects, clinical and biological disciplines, and master the methods of treatment.

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