Creating Bulk WordPress Pages with Multiple Page Generator [MPG] – [2020]

What is a Multiple Page Generator?

Multiple page generator [MPG] is one of the best tools for SEO experts and developers who want to create various bulk pages under the same domain. It is also the least demanding and easiest approach to generate bulk pages by a single tick.

With MPG, you can create a vast number of keywords that target landing pages and helps you to get top-ranked on search engines. You can keep the site lean and quick and still create a large number of webpages with customized content utilizing one layout page and CSV document with the assistance of Multiple Pages Generator WordPress plugin.


Features of Multiple Page Generator [MPG]

Landing Pages

You can connect far and wide with different high-quality and remarkable landing pages to expand your performing audience by it.

Location Pages

It helps you to lift your local SEO with landing pages focusing on precise locations. This page creator even lets you customize each page with a comparing and altered guide.

Profile Pages

By updating the CSV document information, you can manage profile pages and re-upload whenever you need to.

Product Pages

This will enable you to showcase the product and optimize your conversation rate by assigning a landing page.

Translation Pages

The multiple page generator also enables you to translate in any language by the sublimation of the URL.

Service Pages

To make focus on a keyword on landing pages by having a detailed page for each assistance offered.

Customer Pages

You can build changes by creating a revised invite page for every customer.

Update Anytime

MPG makes you simple to bulk edit if you need to make little and massive changes to your new pages. You can erase or edit data from your CSV document. At that point, just re-upload it whenever. In this way, if you want to replace a specific keyword, include or erase a page, simply go to your CSV and make your changes. And if you’re going to change your presentation page’s look, then just bulk edit your pages by editing and updating your format page Unique.

Mobile & SEO Friendly

On the off chance that you made a mobile-friendly landing page, that is marvelous. You can increase this responsive page by a thousand, and each new one will stay mobile friendly and have unique content information, from the URL and keywords to meta-data and alt-text with the MPG.

Modify Elements

It additionally permits you to customize your new or old pages in mass with simply straightforward shortcodes. It can also add numerous factors to your page to make them incredibly unique and easy to use.

Final words

The creation of MPG was to provide a mass page generator that made and oversee thousands of pages easy and quick, without any drawbacks, no malicious or indistinguishable looking pages, no over-burdening the site restriction.

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