The Methodology of the coach Alberto Chueca to progress quickly at chess

Alberto Chueca to progress quickly at chess: Chess is undoubtedly the  king of board games . 1 board, 2 players, 32 pieces and a whole range of moves, possibilities and plays, with more than 1000 years of history. And it is that, more than a game, it is a sport full of emotion and passion whose practice brings infinite benefits (and fun) to both children and adults.

Do you know what a  chess coach is ? In the same way that when you want to improve your physical condition, you bet on a personal trainer to help you attain your goals, if what you are looking for is  to immerse yourself in the exciting world of chess , putting yourself in the hands of a  chess coach  is the best way to develop all your potential.

Whether what you are looking for is just to enjoy and have fun with the sport that most stimulates your mind, or if you want to become, why not?, a great chess champion, stay and read on to meet  Alberto Chueca  and  his high performance chess academy.

Alberto chueca High Performance Chess Academy

Alberto Chueca  started playing chess with his father when he was 6 years old. His passion for this game has led him to become an international master  and   high-level chess trainer today. His target of him? Help all children to feel that passion for chess and to progress and stand out in a world that is as competitive as it is exciting.

Do you or your son like to play chess and are you good at it? Do you want him to continue to be interested and develop his skills in chess without fear of getting bored or feeling too much pressure? Keep in mind that every player who progresses in this world has a coach and Alberto knows how you can achieve your goals faster.

Alberto Chueca’s high-performance chess academy has created a  methodology that is as effective as it is successful.


After  more than a decade dedicated to teaching chess , Alberto has developed his own methodology specially designed to improve the level of play of any chess player, whatever their level.

With  an international scope , its high-performance chess academy is attended by boys and girls from all over the world. They receive students from the USA, Sweden, India, Singapore or the United Kingdom, among many other places.

Through their tested and innovative methodology and really useful and effective tools, they are able to  help improve the chess skills of any child or adult , with classes adapted to their level and needs.

His students rise to the top

There are several students from the Alberto Chueca academy who already stand out in the world of chess and who do not stop reaping great successes and achievements.

This is the case of  Omya Vidyarthi , from the United States, U10 world chess champion in 2020 and  3 times Pan American champion.

His student  Vyom Vidyarthi  has become an international master and was Junior North American champion in 2021.

Pranav Sathish  has also managed to improve his  ranking  by 700 points in just 13 months in the academy. And this just to mention a few examples, the following can be your little great chess player.

It is clear that chess training offers great benefits, so if you would like to discover more about this methodology to progress in chess, do not waver to book a meeting with Alberto from his own website.

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