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A look into iGaming’s top technologies

A look into iGamings top technologies

iGaming’s top technologies

iGaming’s top technologies – The world today is ever-changing and ever-growing. With mankind’s thirst for knowledge, the
door for opportunities has become wider and more remarkable, most especially if we are looking
into the perspective of the iGaming industry.
iGaming is an umbrella term referring to all forms of online gambling, such as online casinos,
live casinos, sports and esports betting, and crypto gaming. These innovations that amazingly
change the landscape of entertainment are due to the progressive tech sector. So, let’s have a
look at the different kinds of techs these platforms are using to provide seamless, convenient,
and immersive experiences.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The search for the best online casino should not only be based on the available games but also
on the level of security and safety it provides. However, apart from licenses and online reviews,
another feature to assess if they use the trusted programme called AI. It simplifies and betters
the playing experience through AI bots:

2. Live casino

Live casinos are real game-changers in the global gambling sector. As the name suggests,
casino games are played in real-time with real-life players and dealers through online streaming.
Meaning, it bridges the gap between land-based and online casinos by connecting people
worldwide quickly and reliably.
The success of live casinos didn’t take place overnight. Its concept was as early as when online
casinos were legalised in the ‘90s, but it only gained traction with the advent of smartphones.
Below are important tech tools used to operate them:

3. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Software providers are the brilliant teams behind your favourite casino games. They are the
reason why some variants have better gameplay or rewards than others. As they bring the
casino to your home, most of them are adopting VR and AR techs for more immersive slot
games and live dealer games.

4. Mobile casinos and sportsbooks

Mobile tech provides players with a first-hand gaming experience. Now with tablets and
smartphones available almost everywhere in the world, you can spin the reels of slot games, hit
21 in blackjack, and form the best hand in poker whenever and wherever you are as long as you
can access the internet.

5. Crypto and blockchain tech

Among many factors to consider, the best online casino should be adaptive and
forward-thinking. In addition to AI in providing a more secure gaming environment, many online
casinos and sportsbooks have started using blockchain tech. It’s a decentralised and distributed
ledger that records and distributes digital information that can’t be edited. With it also came the
arrival of digital currencies as further payment methods.

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