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FileZigZag: A Free Online Converter

Finding a file converter online is not a daunting task. What is hard is finding a file converter that actually works and is easy to use. An even greater perk is finding one that is also free, no hidden fees or signups.

If you are unsure of what online file conversion site to visit, here are some reasons why you should consider trying out Filezigzag.

#1. Filezigzag is free

Filezigzag literally has free file conversion in its tagline. To download your file after conversion you do not need to pay any premium rate. Nor do you even need to download and install any software on your PC. You can also use it on any computer. All you need is access to the internet and you can use it from anywhere. It lets you convert files that are up to 2018 megabytes in size but this will depend on you subscribing. FileZigZag does have a subscription option. This gives you convert more files than a normal user would be able to. But even without subscribing you can access many file conversion options.

#2. Supports file compression

The Filezigzag site also has a free tool that enable you to compress uploaded files. It is perfect for files you have to send via email. Filezigzag compresses it to a much smaller ZIP file. The great thing about this that whoever receives the mail does not need to use a tool for unzipping files to decompress it.

#3. Converts a wide range of files

Filezigzag lets you convert audio, video and document files. A wide variety of source formats can be changed into different file formats. This means that you can convert an AI to JPG, a JPG to an AI, a PDF to DOC and DOC back to PDF again. These are just a few of the type of file conversions that you can carry out.

For video files, Filezigzag lets you create animated GIFs from videos, convert MP4 to AVI and AVI to GIF.

#4. Using Filezigzag is simple.

In a few easy steps you can get your desired file format. You just need to visit the website, upload the file, choose the format you want it to be converted to and click on the start converting button. When it is complete, a download button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

#5. Constant updates of file formats

Filezigzag lets you contact them with suggestions on new file formats they can add. So if you cannot find the one you are looking for you can contact them and ask for the desired one to be added. The FileZigZag team will then provide the needed format and you can convert your file easily.

#6. Free Cloud storage

FileZigZag has a free Cloud Storage option. Even without downloading any software you can safely save your converted files right up to the cloud. That means that other people who you have granted permission to can access these files without the hassle of file sharing.

#7. No sign ups required

The FileZigZag site does not require you to provide personal information. You do not need to sign up on it nor is your email required. You only have to enter in your email if you want to send the link to download the files to your email or to upload the file on the free Cloud Storage.

Visit the FileZigZag site and choose from the broad range of file formats. Enjoy the fast and high quality file conversions at no extra cost today!

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