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Economic Write For Us, Guest Post, Contribute and Submit Post

Economic Write For Us, Guest Post, Contribute and Submit Post

Economic Write for Us

Economic is the science that studies the administration, production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It is also part of the different concepts related to the economy and its uses in social, political, and cultural studies.

Economic growth

Economic growth refers to the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is, the increase in the value of the final goods and services produced in a country or region during a specific period.

The indicators of a country’s economic growth include the production of goods and services, investment, employment opportunities, energy consumption and saving, trade agreements, the rise in citizens’ standards of living, education, and human capital.

Economic development

Economic development is an indicator that exposes a country’s capacity to generate wealth, progress, stability, and well-being in society. However, it is also a term that applies to each individual according to their economic progress.

However, to achieve the country’s economic development, it is essential to understand that it must be sustainable over time. There must be a set of strategies that encourage entrepreneurship, production, market competition, less corruption, and higher educational quality.

Economic liberalism

Economic liberalism is the financial system that proposes limiting the participation of the State in economic activities. In other words, it is a way of formulating a set of policies that support the market economy and provide security for privately owned industries.

Adam Smith was the first author to propose  ​​economic liberalism and argue that the State should reduce its commercial relations interference.

Economic system

The economic system is the method applied to regulate the different economic activities: production, distribution, consumption of goods and services, and resource allocation.

Economic systems provide a solution to the different economic, political, cultural and satisfaction of basic needs or scarcity problems in society through strategies articulated for this purpose.

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