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What is YouTube? – Definition, History, Benefits and More (2023)

What is YouTube? – Definition, History, Benefits and More (2023)

Youtube Definition

YouTube is a video-sharing website available for the global audience. It’s  headquarter is located in San Bruno, California.YouTube is a digital platform which designs videos that users can consume when they feel like. Through YouTube, you can also broadcast live videos and record them for later sharing.

“If you want to stand out on Youtube, the videos you upload need to have an intro. You can create it yourself using the Youtube intro maker tool found at“.

Therefore, we consider it as a type of television on-demand. And also it is an audiovisual social network. So that, you can allow users to subscribe to your channel and comment on your content. And also to get feedback from your followers and subscribers.

Given its ease of use, we can affirm that this is the reference portal for all types of audiences. Furthermore, those who are looking for some entertainment and even learn about what they are  passionate about.

From what we read so far, I am sure that you have already sensed the fundamental utility of this platform, which is none other than watching and broadcasting videos through the Internet.

How was YouTube born? A brief history of this audiovisual platform

As you can see in this “Draw my Life” video, YouTube was taken on February 2005, by chad Hurley, jawed Karim, and Steve Chen, who created an audiovisual content platform.

It is said that this idea invented with many difficulties by three friends, who had to share the video which they recorded at a party. And they decided to create and host a website where they could share this type of content.

In 2006, perhaps anticipating with a great potential that this page has, it was acquired by Google for a price of 1650 million dollars

Today, the economic value of this platform is uncountable.

Benefits of YouTube that brings to the digital strategy for  a business

In depth of  a little more and, from the corporate point of view, I could tell you that it is also an audiovisual portal where you can share the content of a different nature to the one discussed before. You can convert youtube to mp3 online.

Some of the benefits of this portal are the following:

Show your audio-visual works

If you are a freelance professional or part of a company or business and your services are audiovisual.

In this way, you could create your professional channel and make video tutorials step by step, as a demonstrative “portfolio.”

Hold your own Online-Congress

As previously mentioned. If, as a Brand or independent professional you consider it useful for your public to organize or make a Webinar.  And also to make known in greater detail some area of your specialty.

Or, you can even take advantage to promote one of your latest products.

Increase the online visibility of your business

It estimates that this network receives more than 1.9 billion visits per month worldwide, with a figure exceeding 5000 million daily views of videos on average. With these numbers, you can deduce that in developed countries, each citizen plays an average of 4 videos a day.

Some studies place this platform as the third most visited website worldwide, ahead of other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. In fact, in a matter of videos, the figures of this platform exceed even those of Netflix.

However, as with the contents of your website to Google, you must optimize your SEO Positioning, so that the investment in creating quality videos is as profitable as possible.

Give your business a more “casual” touch

Most of the people who use this portal do so to search for content of topics that interest them and, most of the time they do it on music videos, fun content and, in general, spend some leisure time.

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