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What is Robotics? – Definition,Features and Types of Robotics

What is Robotics – Definition,Features and Types of Robotics

Robotics Definition

The robotics is the science and technology that is involved in the design, manufacture, and use of robots. A robot is, on the other hand, a machine that can be programmed to interact with objects. And also make it mimic, in a certain way, human or animal behavior.

The computer, electronics, mechanics, and engineering are just some of the disciplines that combine in robotics. The main objective of robotics is the construction of devices that work automatically and perform difficult work for human beings.

Currently, robotics has evolved by leaps and bounds and has led to the development of a series of disciplines. Such, as robotic surgery. In this case, it has as a clear objective to improve the health of the human being. And for this, it carries out a series of very complex surgical interventions that require high precision. Thus, using robots, it is possible to eliminate the dangers that are brought about by those that are undertaken by the hand of man.

Features of robotics

Robotics have prominent diverse characteristics. So that, they can develop and apply the task which they intend to do; of them, the aspects of the robots are the following:


It has a coordinate system in which the robot can move:


A robot is essential where it has a source of energy to be able to turn it into work. And also it happens every time it makes any movement.

Grades of Freedom

The degrees of freedom are used to know the position of each act.

Information Collection

They are the sensors where they give the robot the necessary information to perform an activity in which it has planned.


It is how the robot where it shows some action of some complexity with the use of artificial intelligence.

The robots can be of different designs as well as programs. It all depends on the function they are going to perform. What is known are the different characteristics they can possess, among these are:

  1. The precision they have when performing an action or movement.
  2. The load capacity, in kilograms, that the robot can handle
  3. The degree of freedom they have with their movement.

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Types of robots used in Robotics

The robots can be of different types, each performing various actions, among the most common types we can mention:

Android robots

These are robots that look and act like human beings.

Mobile Robots

They are robots that have wheels or legs that allow it to move according to its programming. These have their sensor system and used for space and underwater exploration, as in industries.

Industrial Robots

They are mechanical and electronic machines that carry out manufacturing and handling processes. These robots do not need human intervention and are very popular in countries like Japan and the United States.

Medical Robots

These robots manage to match the precision of the movements and function of the organs they are replacing.

Tele-operators Robots

Human operators control these robots and use them when working with chemical waste and pump deactivation.

Pali-Articulate Robots

They are robots that move in a specific workspace and they limit displacements. And also they limit the degree of freedom, coordinate systems and are mainly characterize being sedentary. Among these are Industrial Robots, Cartesian Robots, and manipulators.

Zoo-morphic Robots

They are those that imitate human beings and can categorize into walkers and no walkers.

Hybrid Robots

These robots characterize by being a combination of different types of robots.

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