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What is Hijacking? – Definition, Browser hijacking and More

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What is Hijack or hijacking?

Hijacking is an attempt to take a specific element of the Internet environment through unauthorized routes. In addition to URL hijacking, there is also domain hijacking, DNS, browser, TCP, session, and much more.

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Browser Hijacking

In most cases, computer users want to know how to protect themselves from malicious and uncontrollable intrusions.

Sometimes companies add small programs to browsers without having users’ permission. Hijackers can be computer manufacturers, software developers, or hackers (or a combination of the three).

Impact and risk

Unscrupulous individuals and organizations inject their software into browsers for several reasons:

Sometimes hackers install the malware in browsers to direct users to websites, the use of which is to store critical information about them. This data can include user IDs, passwords, names, surnames, addresses, social security numbers, and even answers to security questions.

How to get rid of a browser hijacker?

How to protect your systems from it?

Protecting yourself against browser hijacking is difficult. Frequently cleaning the directories containing cookies and browser history contributes to this.

And also, whichever approach the user takes to protect themselves, the best defense starts with frequently updating the operating system and performing smart checks when you visit websites.

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