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What is a AxCrypt? – Definition, Characteristics and More

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AxCrypt Definition

AxCrypt is a security utility that allows you to protect the confidentiality of files. The introduction of it in public was in 2001 to help users share confidential files over the internet without any worries about stealing their essential data.

This software was becoming one of the best free encryption tools, and since 2016, the company expanded the software to include many new features that are available only on the premium and business plans.

It is also useful for sending files by email with the assurance that only the recipient (if you know the password) can view them.

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AxCrypt is a dynamic file encryption software that allows you to do much more than encrypting your confidential files.

It also offers a host of essential security features that you can use to improve your file protection, such as file wipe, password generation, cloud storage connection, Key sharing, and so on.

With this software, you can work together with users and share your confidential documents with them.

You don’t need to worry that anyone can steal your encrypted data with the advanced encryption system. Since once the files encrypt, they are not hackable.

All in all, if you are looking for a secure file encryption software with many of its security features. This is the software that you should use.

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