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CSGO knife: all you need to know

CSGO knife: all you need to know

All men are fond of edged weapons. It doesn’t matter if you see it live or on the CS:GO screen, it still arouses interest. It’s built-in and there’s no getting away from it. Therefore, today we will look at CSGO knives, and also tell you a little about the history of each of them.

By the way, let’s say right away that we won’t be able to get over each CSGO knife, but it’s quite possible to distribute them into classes and describe them. In addition, we will try to highlight the coolest knives in each section.

Bowie Knife

This knife is the same Texas cleaver made by James Bowie. It stands out for its chipped point, which is even slightly turned up. Such a knife perfectly inflicts secant and cutting blows, and can be used in almost any industry. It is noteworthy that its creator was able to defeat a man wielding a sword in battle.

As for the game, it looks massive and powerful, and the characters wear it mainly along the arm, holding it by the handle with a reverse grip. Well, the most expensive Bowie knife in CS:GO is a marble gradient, worth $220.

Shadow Daggers

The peculiarity of these knives is their convenient T or L-shape. This makes poke knives one of the most secretive and convenient in close combat. They are used mainly for self-defense, and in many countries, they are not even melee weapons. In general, these are the most convenient and most secretive knives that are mentioned in CS:GO.

In the game, however, poke knives do not look serious, although they also have their own conveniences. Many players had their animations throttled down, allowing them to win knife rounds on Faceit or in tournaments. The most expensive poke knives in CS:GO are the Wave poke knives, which cost almost $120.

Falchion Knife

A falchion is something like a medieval sword, in a modern, more compact interpretation. The weapon is quite formidable and at the same time not bulky, which makes it comfortable to carry.

In CS:GO, it looks stylish and cool, thanks to the unique look and kill animation. The most expensive Falchion in the game is the Marble Gradient Falchion, worth $180.

Butterfly Knife

Under the butterfly knife – in CS: GO we mean Balisong, the main feature of which is stealth. The fact is that its blade can be hidden in a double handle. The knife opens with a 180-degree turn, exposing the blade for combat while remaining as comfortable as ever.

Actually, opening a knife is a feature in CS:GO itself. By the way, this is one of the most expensive knives in the game, on average, and the most expensive is the Marble Gradient Butterfly Knife, costing about $600.

Huntsman Knife

Many types of knives belong to the class of hunting knives. The game also shows one of the most aggressive ones, with a file at the end, for performing various tactical tasks. It looks like such a device, stylish, tough and deadly. The same is reflected in him in CS:GO itself. The most expensive is the Marble Gradient, costing almost $240.

M9 Bayonet

This is an army knife, single-edged, with a saw on the back of the blade. Light, powerful, deadly – it can even turn into scissors for cutting wire. In the game, it looks incredibly cool and stylish. The most expensive is the M9 Marble Gradient Bayonet, worth $480.

Flip Knife

A classic folding knife that each of you, dear readers, has seen in your life. Its feature is stealth and lethality, which is reflected in the gameplay. The most expensive folding knife in CS:GO is Gamma Waves, worth $240.


This is one of the most popular knives in CS:GO. Its features are its appearance, Asian roots, as well as real lethality in the real world. By the way, on average, this is one of the most expensive knives in the game, but the most expensive is Gamma Wave Karambit, worth $560.

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