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Best 5 Flavors from Hyde Vape

Best 5 Flavors from Hyde Vape

If you enjoy vaping flavoured e-liquid, you might want to check out a brand that is making waves in the vape market. See the Official Brand Site – and you’ll see they have a great range of various types of vape devices. What they are best known for, however, is the comprehensive collection of innovative and often wonderful flavors. It’s possible that no other brand offers such a choice, and to give you an idea we’ve picked our five favorites from the Hyde Vape range. Let’s get started.

Strawberry Guava Ice

While there has been some controversy over flavors in vapes – mainly the concern that they are designed to encouraged youngsters to get into vaping – we love them as they make a change from the usual vape flavors. This one, Strawberry Guava Ice, is among the best-sellers at Hyde, and we can see why.

The subtle sweetness of strawberry couple with the tang of guava makes this a unique flavor that is refreshing and enjoyable. It’s worth trying even if you’re not into flavored vapes.

Coconut Crumble

Bordering on a ‘comfort food’ vape is the Coconut Crumble, a simple and yet very satisfying flavor that is surprisingly enjoyable. Coconut is a great flavor for a vape – not too sweer and sickly, but a taste that has a lovely smooth aspect.

This one is popular with casual vapers who simply want something with a different flavor to it, and if you love coconut, the authentic taste of this one is nicely presented and makes it an easy vape.

Raspberry Watermelon

The expansion of the vaping market has led not only to greater supply – with more manufacturers than ever – but also a rise in demand. Many people vape cannabis, for example, and it is a clean and effective way to do it. Others prefer to stick with flavored oils such as this very refreshing Raspberry Watermelon recipe.

We would never have put these two fruits together, but it works, and it works very well indeed. The sweet yet slightly bitter raspberry flavor mixes well with the wonderfully fresh watermelon taste, giving a unique vaping experience that is a favorite of ours. Try it, and it will become a favorite.

Minty O’s

Mint is a popular flavor with vaping brands, and Hyde has one of the best with this Minty O’s example. During the years when tobacco was popular many brands offered a menthol cigarette, for those who wanted a fresher taste. This Hyde Flavor can be considered a viable replacement for menthol tobacco and is very fresh indeed.

Mint is not so much a flavor as a feeling, and with this one you get quite a notable hit when you inhale the cloud. Mint flavors are popular with traditional vapers as well as those new to the experience, and it’s no surprise Minty O’s is among Hyde’s best sellers.

Mandarin Lime

Mandarin Lime – the name itself conjures up a taste of citrus and sharp but comforting fruit, and that’s exactly what you get. Hyde has many special flavors, and this is another that is among our chosen few. This one has that extra tangy taste you get with lime, and the sweet addition of the mandarin is genius touch.

What’s Your Favorite?

Whoever decides upon and creates the flavors offered across the Hyde vape range has a creative mind and is consistently successful. The above five are just a few of the comprehensive range of flavors from Hyde, a brand that is taking innovation in vape flavors to another level. Try some and let us know which one is your favorite!

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