AKG C214 microphone – A Premium Vocal mic

Are you in need of a premium vocal mic, but not able to find one? So, don’t worry we will suggest you the best premium vocal mic, and that is akg c214 microphone. It is just the younger brother of AKG C414 condenser. It is similar to 414’s legendary sound and uses the same one – inch dual – capsule in a single – diaphragm, cardioid – only design. This microphone comes in high level quality, durable design, and audio precision which make it a product with high demand. Musicians who have home studios will find this microphone to best fit into their requirements.

The mic comes in premium quality and has a reputation for delivering technical excellence. This pro audio device has one – inch wide diaphragm capsule, which really produces an amazing detailed sound of excellent quality. To reduce any kind of mechanical tones and resonance which renders sonic precision it has a merged capsule suspension. It can work with power sources 12 to 52V and has very low self – noise with good headroom. It not only satisfies the customers with its excellent sound quality but also comes in premium and elegant look. Moreover, it comes in affordable price and its sturdy build gives high level protection.

Advantages of choosing AKG C214 microphone –

  • Sound quality – this microphone has switchable attenuation pad which comes in low – cut filter. This simply means that in high sound fields and atmosphere it will give excellent performance. Apart from this it is also very sensitive and can record all the minute details. It also have flexibility when you want to record very loud pitch sources like guitar, amplifiers, drum overheads, and brass. In any setting it delivers precise audio quality. It does not allow other mechanical noises to cause disturbance and affect the tone. It has a range of 143 dB which creates spectacular transient response. The integrated capsule suspension which helps to restrain overtones or distortions. It also has bass roll – off filter that completely destroys and rumbling or intense bass that musicians generally come across which recording. It gives ultra sonic clarity in sound because of which it is more demanded by musicians. Its premium sound quality makes perfect balance between accuracy and clearness in music. It keeps tone punchy by making sound as clean as possible.
  • Ease of use – this microphone is versatile and easy to use because of which it is more in demand. You just need to turn the mic on, follow some useful tip for recording from its manual, and just start recording. You will really jump out of excitement by its results. You can use it for anything. For instance you can use it for vocals to any instrument and for speech too. Apart from this, you can also use it for recording strings like dual bass, cello, violin, or drums. Comparatively it has clean and robust bottom end because its frequency response arc is from 60HZ up to 1 KHz, which also drops between 1KHZ and 2.5KHZ and can also go down by a few decibels of 2KHZ. This feature helps to stop electric guitars from sounding too sharp and shrill. You can have excellent control in modifying the sound according to your preference. If you want to record very loud sounds on drums, guitar you can switch on its pre – attenuation pad which considerably boost the mic’s headroom by 20 dB.
  • Design – it is excellent not only with its sound quality but also with its design. It offers a layout that will force your look twice. It comes in full metal body in a matte gray – blue finish. It has an optimum finish which can skilfully withstand and starches. It comes in damage – resistant grille. You can use this mic on road without any damage. To optimise maximum sound it has gold coated XLR output. Its shock mount gives excellent flexibility and has a low layout. It wastes zero space because of its flat casing low structure.
  • Frequency response and polar pattern – it has a flat frequency rate which rolls off the low – end very well. It still gives a natural response with its low pass filter on, and the reason behind this is the attenuation that is implemented gently. It has a pro audio advantage with extraordinary fine – tuned and smooth cardioids polar pattern. It has a high – frequency gain at 15 kHz which helps voices to slice through the mix. All this features helps musician to make their voice recording better and get a comfortable experience.

AKG C214 microphone comes in carrying case which protects all your equipments which simply means that you can carry this microphone anywhere without any tension of getting it damaged. Moreover it also comes with a windscreen to curb popping which are caused during recordings and a spider – type shock mount. This mount helps in hassle of fussing over the setup.

To ensure the great performance from your microphone you need to do right positioning for sound clarity. You should also ensure that the mic is mounted correctly or not so that it does not cause any rumbles. For this, you should keep the soft surface beneath the mounting.

Like every gadget have some or the other positive points and negative points. This AKG C214 microphone also has some.

Pros of C214 microphone –

  • Very durable and affordable
  • Full – featured and amazing sound precision
  • Premium design and easy to use
  • Shock absorption mount
  • Facilitate great audio adjustments options
  • Amazing sound precession.

Cons of C214 microphone –

  • It has slightly elevated ends that can make some noises sound sharp.
  • Not suitable for electrical bass
  • Requires sound – treated circumstances because it is very sensitive.

This microphone offers premium quality features to its customers and helps them to give incredible performance. It also excellently purifies your tone and gives you maximum control on how you want things to be. So if you were looking for a solid mic then there is no better option than this.

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