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Adware is small programs that, once installed on our PC, are executed automatically to display a specific amount of advertising on the computer screen, many times not requested by the user. Advertisements are downloaded directly from the Internet to your computer, and in general, they are harmless programs, although quite annoying.

Despite being generally harmless programs, they have their dark side. This type of application can collect personal information from users of a computer by running hidden code within the program. This type of malicious practice is called Spyware, generally used by hackers to obtain personal information, which they use to carry out fraud or any other kind of illegal activity.

How does it work?

Adware displays advertisements on the computer screen while we surf the Internet or execute any program. These types of programs are quite annoying and invasive, so we must avoid them on our PC since, in most cases, they come hidden in other programs or files that we download over the Internet.

The operation of Adware is quite simple, but efficient, to deploy unwanted advertising by the PC user. When we surf the Internet, the program can efficiently track all our searches and generate a relatively complete profile of the search history. In this way, it can display advertising that can resemble the captured search patterns and offer advertising information that, In theory, it is not unpleasant. Still, in practice, it is a lot, and worst of all, it is invasive, which annoys, even more, the user of the PC that has the Adware installed.

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