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Accounting is the part of finance that studies the different items that reflect the economic and financial movements of a company or entity.

It is a key tool to know what situation and conditions a company is in and, with this documentation, to be able to establish the necessary strategies to improve its economic performance. For example, if we buy wood to make chairs, we will have to count that purchase to know how much we have, how much it has cost us, who the seller is, on what date we bought it, etc. Accounting is responsible for all that and more.

Accounting is a resource available to manage the expenses and income of a company. Any company in the development of its activity carries out purchase, sale, financing operations as a result of these activities, its equity varies and obtains a profit or a loss.

All companies are aware that they must properly manage the accounting parameters. This concept involves both so-called small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and large multinationals. In the same way, it is due both to financial reasons – in terms of ensuring adequate profitability – and to tax provisions, due to pressure from federal, provincial, and local treasuries on each corporate formation.

Equity elements and financial statements

Within accounting, there are both equity elements and financial statements. They are two very important concepts, and on which the entire basis of it gets articulated.

The assets are:

On the other hand, the financial statements are:

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