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13 Proven Steps To Publish Android Application in 9apps

13 Proven Steps To Publish Android Application in 9apps

Steps To Publish Android Application in 9apps

If you are the app developer then you will want to publish your app on every possible platform, not just on Google Play Store so that you can cover more crowds and so that you can bring more traffic to your application and 9app is such a platform. This platform, 9apps, allows you to publish your app on it. But the bigger question is how to publish the Application on it.

This article will provide the answer to your every question regarding the publishing of Application on 9apps. So let’s discuss How you can publish the application on 9apps:-

#1 Step: Need a Mobile Phone

To start first you need to have a laptop or mobile phone where you can browse the internet and reach the site of 9apps.

#2 Step: Upload Application on 9apps

Next, you need to open your browser and then type “Upload Application on 9apps” and the results will come, you can simply choose any result or can directly go to the link

#3 Step: Fill the Details

When you will visit this site you will see a page that will be asking for your details and you have to fill those details.

This information will be as follows:-

#4 Step: Email Address

Here you have to provide your registered email. For example-

#5 Step: Identity

For this information, you have to provide the identity detail of the one worker if there is an individual who is working and if there is more than one worker or there is a team than you have to provide the identity of the company.

#6 Step: Developer Name

Here your name is required. Either your name or the name of your company should be entered here.

#7 Step: Google Play Link

If your application is already published on the Google Play than provide the link of the same and if you haven’t published it yet then leave the space blank.

#8 Step: Country of Your Location

Here you need to put the country where you belong to.

#9 Step: Contact Address

This column needs the address of yours, either put your address where you live and working as an individual or put the address of your company.

#10 Step: Contact Number

Here you have to provide your number or the number of your company where one can contact you.

#11 Step: Contact Name

Here you need to provide the name of the application developer, if it’s you then provide your name and if not and the app is developed by someone else from your company than provide their name.

So these were the basic first steps you needed to follow, once you follow these steps properly then you are ready to publish your application. And to publish the application you need to do some more things, let’s see what you have to do furthermore.

#12 Step: Upload Your Application “9apps”

There are two ways to upload your app on the 9apps, i.e., first, you drag the apk file to the shown box on the site or secondly click that box shown on the site and find your app in the directories.

#13 Step: Upload Your Material

First of all, make your material into a zip file and if you don’t know how to do that you can learn it easily by watching videos present on YouTube. After making the zip file of your material drag it and drop it on the given box present on the website or click that box it will show you the option to upload the material. Once you are done with this step press the submit button and wait for 24 hours, as it takes 24 hours to complete the successful upload. After this, you will get the confirmation email from the “9apps”.


Once you have followed all the steps properly and have filled every detail correctly than all you have to do is wait for the publishing of your application.

If you don’t find your application published than you must contact the 9app server or else check that if you have filled all the details correctly and if you have followed all the steps properly and correctly. And if you find any mistake then you should correct it and then resubmit your request.

Review 13 Proven Steps To Publish Android Application in 9apps.

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