5 Tips to Choose the Best LED High Bay Lights

5 Tips to Choose the Best LED High Bay Lights

Better illumination at the workplace provides ease for workers and makes the place secure from getting any mishaps. Traditionally, incandescent bulbs were used as a source for lighting, which consumes a lot of power and ultimately, you have to pay large amounts of bills. But now, don’t worry because provides you with an extensive range of LEDs to fulfill your needs.

What is LED?

LED stands for “Light emitting diode,” which produces light through the mechanism of electroluminescence.

What are High Bay lights?

A high bay means a place that has a high ceiling. And the lights which are used to illuminate those areas are called high bay lights. Lepro LED is one of the largest LED producers in the market, which also deals in LED bay lights.

Benefits of LED light

There are several benefits of using LED light; among them, some are listed below.

  • LEDs usage is very cost-effective.
  • They are more durable.
  • As they are fitted with a heat sink property, therefore they are free from heat issues.
  • They can operate on very low voltage
  • LED lights are free from mercury and harmful gases, which are beneficial for the environment.

5 tips for choosing LED high bay lights

While buying the LED lights, you have to consider several factors. Among them, some important points are listed below.

1. Size of your warehouse

It is one of the essential factors to consider while installing LED lights in any high bay space. The bigger the size of your warehouse requires more LED lights or a larger size of LED for illumination. So, if you are new to installing the LED, you must contact an LED expert who will guide you about LEDs according to your space.

2. Colour of LED high bay lights

The colour of LED lights is a very important factor. The unit measuring the colour of LEDs is Kevin. The most common LEDs in the market are present in colours of 3000, 4000, and 5000 Kevin. The colour of the LED lights affects its brightness. It depends on your need that how much brightness you want in your space.

3. Safety protocol of LED light

In every aspect of life, you should be careful about safety. While buying any LED light, you must ask the retailer whether this luminary is safe to use or not. The best way to check a luminary’s safety status is to check its certification through an authenticated safety department.

4. Lumen output

Lumen output directly depends upon the quality of the LED. If you purchase an LED whose lumen output is low, this shows its poor quality. So, while buying the LED light, you must be cautious about lumen output.

5. Durability

LEDs are a little more expensive than standard fluorescent lights. But, LEDs are more durable, the average life of LEDs is about 70000 hours which seems pretty nice. For the safe side, you must ask for a warranty card while buying.

Final words

In today’s era, LED is better technology to use, especially in high bay spaces. But, you must have to be cautious about many key factors while using the LED lights; otherwise, you won’t get satisfactory results.

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